About Us

Viper Solutions is a video surveillance integrator specializing in IP video surveillance, video analytics, facial recognition, and IT networking technologies. Viper Solutions core competencies reside in its ability to deploy enterprise level video networks capable of utilizing single to hundreds of cameras and deploying small to large size data networks.

With the advent and convergence of IP technology in regards to video surveillance and the decline of analog camera systems there has been a void in the marketplace of capable security integrators who have the skill set to architect scalable video networks.  Video utilizes significantly more network resources than any other form of data. In addition, network video recorders used to store video in these environments are constantly running at exceptionally high CPU, memory, and disk utilization. Viper Solutions has the means to design networks and systems that meet the demands of today’s resource hungry technology.

Viper Solutions is well suited to meet the needs of small businesses, homeowners, commercial buildings, multi-dwelling residential communities, schools, and retail stores.  Solutions are sized to best serve the requirements of the client and ensure the lowest possible cost and the highest possible quality.

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